Corporate Events Catering

Whisk caters for business meetings, dinner parties at home or elsewhere and family celebrations like birthdays, weddings, christenings, engagements. Any occasion that is special to you can be catered for with a unique bespoke menu. We also provide afternoon tea parties and funerals as other suggested catering ops.

We all want the important events in our lives to be remembered. Time has shown that when Whisk food is involved it can become a focal point of these memories. Friends and clients alike not only reminisce about the occasion itself but they fondly remember the food, it's presentation, how people raved about it and most importantly the taste. See our sample finger food menu below for the mouth watering treats available!

"Good Homemade Food"

Whisk believe in good, simple, fresh homemade food using finest quality ingredients and locally sourcing where possible. We provide homemade speciality cakes, picnics, canapés and buffets all tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Divine Dining - Canapes
Mini scones with clementine, turkey and watercress
Mini oatcakes with chicken liver pate and chive flowers
Round nut bread toasts with rabbit and haggis
Mini oatcakes with chicken liver pate and chive flowers
Mini cheese and sage scones with crispy parsnip shavings
Mini rosti topped with smoked fish and parsley
Mini rosti with roast beef and horseradish paste
Mini sourdough topped with garlic mushroom and new potatoes
Chargrilled mini toasts with wild mushroom and tarragon chicken
Rounded toasts with slow roasted beef and onion marmalade
Rectangle toasts hoummus and lamb with a kick
Rectangle toasts with beef in a whisky sauce
Bitesize lamb stuffed with dates,apricots, mint and harissa
Bitesize cured ham stuffed with goats cheese and dates

Each menu will be tailored to your individual tastes and requirements. There are seasonal options to choose from as well as Indian, Italian and French menus also available.

Corporate Business Events

Speciality Cakes
  • Breakfasts, Lunch and buffets for 6 - 100 + people
  • Platters cost from £8- £30 per platter with 25 portions per platter
  • There are many more alternative platters available.